At Chachere Feed Store, we are equipped with the knowledge and products to push your hog into the final drive.

We offer a full line of feeds and supplements, Honor Show Chow, to provide your project with the optimal nutrition to unlock the most potential
from the genetics in the hog.



Feeding Modern Showpigs is a helpful guide for feeding your project.

Results Feeding Guide can be used as a resource for supplementation.

Aside from the exceptional feed we offer, we also carry the necessary equipment needed to perfect your project.
We offer everything, from brushes to whips to shampoos and sheens.

Most importantly, however, our staff is extremely knowledgable and can answer questions and help guide you through your project.
Below are some article to help you out:

Feeding Paylean to Show Hogs

Increasing Growth Rate in Show Hogs

Receiving Show Hogs

Basic Show Hog Nutrition

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